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In pursuit of staying competitive to meet rapidly changing business goals and objectives, CIOs across businesses are looking for a solution that would catapult their capacity to scale infrastructure on demand with a reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


This document provides a detailed use case study on development and operations (DevOps) using Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) including AWS services and third-party application, with guidelines for implementation.

About Customer

One of the clients web portal that fills entertainment by original video contents featuring Web series, Short films & movies and more.


  • Rapidly changing competitive landscapes, evolving security requirements, and performance scalability
  • Requirement for frequent updates, regular patching and frequent configuration changes


DevOps – CI/CD Architecture

Repository: AWS CodeCommit

Build: Jenkins 2.7.9 using git and maven build plugin

CI Integration Process

  • Freestyle job using AWS CodeCommit Repository to trigger build when developers pushed any code changes to the repo and its branches using SCM poll
  • Build use maven build plugin to generate zip file
  • Using AWS Code Pipeline and CodeDeployPlugin zip file deployed on Apache running on AWS EC2
  • Build Rollback plan enabled for build failure

Email notifications to the team who made build success and failed using SNS


  • Saved time and money while also giving them the best CI solution for their development process
  • Fastest setup and build time
  • No maintenance needed
  • Track of builds history & build errors
  • Continuous build process without any human interventions
  • Developers notified build status
  • Rollback for build failures
  • Better release management for build artefact’s



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