Deep Learning-Based Intelligent Document Data Extractor

  • Over 100 years’ collective experience in hard core Data Science.
  • Expertise in the best Statistical methods and Machine Learning (ML) powered Artificial
    Intelligence (AI) solutions for hyper automation of your most complex business
  • Applicability across Verticals and Domains making businesses future-ready and profitable.

Business Challenges

  • Manual data extraction from scanned images & PDFs (e.g. Invoices, Bank Statements, Diagnostics Report etc) is very cumbersome and error prone. Teams spend hours in this manual data extraction work. The process is very expensive and still not very accurate 
  • Handling multiple document format is a very big challenge. Making code changes to on-board new document type is very difficult
  • Defining extraction rules for each document category is very painful, especially when the number of document categories keep increasing
  • If the input scanned documents has multiple categories of documents in the same file, then classification & extraction of the data is very complex.
  • The data extraction accuracy with traditional OCR system drops with the complexity of the input document
  • The OCR solution available from leading cloud service providers does not give a satisfactory result. For complex document type, the data extraction accuracy is well be 60%. More over, no option is provided for custom training of new document types
  • The traditional OCR fails when complexity in the input changes. Also with the change in Input file format, the plain OCR approach requires a code changes. Moreover, traditional OCR does not support data extraction from Engineering Diagrams, Symbols, Logo, Complex Tables, Images etc


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